Managed clusters

Has your website or application become business-critical? Can you no longer afford any downtime? If so, you may be ready for a managed cluster.

What are managed clusters?

Managed clusters are groups of managed servers that help us guarantee better performance and availability for critical websites and applications.


A managed cluster server has a more complex structure. Instead of a website or an application relying on a single server, it relies on a group of servers that each serve a specific function.

The load balancers distribute the load across different application servers. The web servers house the actual application and the database layer stores the data.

We have standby web servers that we can run with any configuration in the event of peak loads. The entire structure is usually distributed across several data centres or availability zones.


While various structures are possible, this is the most common one:




Clusters were not designed for everyday use but are certainly useful for business-critical applications.

Does this mean other products and services are not suitable for critical applications? Not at all! This just happens to be a higher level of web hosting. In the eternal search for 100% uptime, we pull out all the stops.

Not only does this protect your application from physical data centre failures, it also allows you to run maintenance activities, such as security updates, without taking the application offline.

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Private or public cloud

Level27 is not dependent on a specific infrastructure. This service is about managing the servers, not about the infrastructure itself.

Our shared servers have one of three possible locations:

  • In the Level27 infrastructure in one of four Belgian data centres.
  • At a public cloud provider. We work closely with two of the most reputable providers: AWS and Azure. Low-cost alternatives are also possible.
  • At your location. In some cases, this is the only option. We adapt to you and always provide the high-quality service we are known for!

Use cases

The following are situations in which managed clusters can be useful: 

  • High-traffic websites, such as those designed for festivals and ticket sales
  • Critical applications that require 100% uptime
  • SaaS products for which any downtime could result in reputational damage
  • Football clubs with high visitor peaks

Level27 ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified.

Set up a managed cluster

Managed clusters are configured according to your needs. Once configured, they can be easily managed in our control panel. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts to create your own managed cluster.