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Hosting Pukkelpop

Inventis and Pukkelpop have collaborated since 2008. In order to optimise the Pukkelpop website, Inventis gave hosting providers the opportunity to submit a proposal. Following a successful pitch and quote, Level27 was selected as the winner. Other collaborative projects included the website environment for Ancienne Belgique. As Ryunosuke Satoro put it: ‘Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.’

‘With Level27 you get a high-quality technical environment, a clear quote, a seamless launch and excellent follow-up tailored to the client’s needs.’

Jochen Vander Eecken

Project Manager

Don’t run away from challenges, run them over!

For a client like Pukkelpop, it’s important for the platforms to stay online and functional during peak moments. The website attracts a lot of visitors from the moment the first artists are announced, but the biggest peak is undeniably when ticket sales start. Given Pukkelpop’s excellent reputation for online accessibility, this had to be maintained at all costs. A slow website, after all, is extremely irritating.

Level27 managed to prove its worth from the outset. Uptime is just one aspect of a well-functioning website. It may seem obvious, but the better the uptime, the more competitive the website! Think of it like this: all cars can drive, but it’s the extra details like environmental friendliness and passenger comfort that make a good car great.

This is why Level27 opts for a no-nonsense infrastructure. All too often, complex technical solutions are used to guarantee 100% uptime. But the more complex the infrastructure, the higher the likelihood that things will go wrong. During the intake interview for a new project, the hosting partner needs to conduct a thorough analysis based exclusively on facts. This data is acquired from Google Analytics, New Relic, or statistics from the current infrastructure. Level27 used all of this information to create a custom offer for Pukkelpop that was both highly accurate and beneficial. This was confirmed by Jochen Vander Eecken of Inventis. ‘With Level27 you get a high-quality technical environment and a clear quote tailored to the client’s needs.’

‘Level27's support and expertise has met all of our expectations.

Jente Kasprowski

Business Owner

Level27: a partner every step of the way

What Inventis expected from a hosting partner was good support, transparent communication and a no-nonsense approach. Level27 fit the bill perfectly. ‘Their support and their know-how exceeded our own expectations and those of Pukkelpop. The transparent communication and fast follow-up made switching hosting providers easy,’ says Jente.

‘Level27 proved they were capable of taking on a project of this size. This inspires confidence in a pleasant and fruitful partnership in the long term.’

Jan Raedschelders

Business Owner


Testing, testing, ...

Knowing how a festival website or a ticket sale website will operate once launched (and how it will be reported in the press) calls for some serious footwork in advance.


The solution? Load testing. Tools can be used to simulate website users and test the environment. Unfortunately, Ethias Arena was not available and Level27 was unable to find several thousand users to test the website on short notice.

Fortunately there is something known as virtual load testing. For the Pukkelpop infrastructure, Loader.io proved to be the perfect tool to register thousands of users and order extras as needed. ‘Level27's extensive load testing was a major advantage for us. We used the results to improve our code and the performance and stability of the back-end platforms.’

‘Level27 offers good support, transparent communication and a no-nonsense approach.’

Martijn Croonen

Web Developer

About Inventis

Inventis has been the digital partner of the popular Belgian music festival Pukkelpop since 2008. Together with the festival organisers, Inventis went in search of a partner to help them improve Pukkelpop’s website, newsletter, online ticketing and social media sites. They designed the current website and made sure it was functional on all devices.

This included festival-goers wanting to check the line-up on their smartphones. Inventis also made it clear to the Pukkelpop organisers that it was time to embrace new technologies. This includes contact through Facebook and Twitter and a countdown timer on the website for excited fans.

About Level27

Level27 provides safe, reliable and stable hosting services tailored to the needs of clients. Our goal is to inspire organisations to build better websites and applications. Only then can our clients achieve the results they want.

We are 100% independent and committed to improving at all times. Level27 is your partner for hosting services defined by direct communication, no-nonsense advice and effective monitoring.

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