Tech projects

Tech projects allow us to translate developer dreams and complex technologies into practical and usable applications.

This hosting service is particularly interesting for progressive agencies, start-ups and developer-oriented organisations.

What do we do with tech projects?

When it comes to tech projects, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Creativity and flexibility are key! Discover some examples below. 

New technologies

While it's true that developers love new technologies, they are not without risk. Just because something looks cool on a developer’s laptop doesn't mean it will work with your application. Possible consequences include unstable production environments, soaring cloud costs, frustrated clients and unhappy developers.

That’s what makes the operational experience of Level27 so valuable. We evaluate the technologies and set up proofs of concept (POC) with you. These are then thoroughly tested and assessed before being put into production.

In this way, we can help make developers’ dreams come true while also safeguarding the success of the business case.


Level27 doesn’t do temporary employment. However, certain cases may call for the deployment of one or more external project engineers.

We always assess the current situation and draft a detailed action plan based on thorough analyses.


Full stack developers don't exist

There's no such thing as a front-end and back-end programming genius, a database whiz and an operations expert all rolled into one. We are the operations experts and you are the development experts. Together we can do great things!

Tech on screen

Evaluating your technology

When it comes to new technology, all that glitters is not gold. We assess the critical needs of your developers and make new, complex technologies usable in everyday life.


Keeping an eye on your business case

It's crucial that you don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal. This is usually a working application or a website for your clients, but we’re open to help you get anything you need. 

Whatever your goal may be, Level27 will monitor your business case to make sure we stick to your plan and your budget, without limiting the creativity of your developers.

For whom?

Tech projects are very specific and geared towards certain target groups. If you have an interesting project you’d like to share with us, let us know!

Innovative agencies

As a modern web agency, it’s important to be on the cutting edge at all times. You may find yourself in a situation where your developers want to implement the latest technologies, but management is concerned about the economic feasibility. In this case, we can help you strike the right balance and secure your business case.

Start-ups or scale-ups

The start-up culture is an integral part of your corporate DNA. You wanted to try something new (cloud, Kubernetes, AWS) but you're struggling with the complexity and the rapidly mounting costs. We can provide the necessary expertise and help you put these complex technologies to everyday use.

SaaS product designers

Picture this: you're working on your own product and your developers are suggesting front-end, back-end and database improvements but lack the necessary operational knowledge. Our DevOps engineers can seamlessly blend into your team!