Do you need to host a website or an application? Level27 can create a custom hosting solution to suit your needs. Our web hosting includes: 

•    A uniform approach to all websites
•    Stability and high performance
•    Technologically advanced and up-to-date solutions

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Webhosting by Level27

We strive to attain maximum uptime, we take over all hosting responsibilities and we offer 24/7 support. In short: we are always here to help, be it remotely or on location!  

In addition to offering secure hosting services, we go the extra mile to resolve all operational challenges and issues with you.

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Our vision on webhosting?

We want to inspire a technological revolution by offering hosting solutions that steer clear of outdated software such as Plesk and cPanel and embrace innovative technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. Through continuous innovation, we aim to breathe new life into a stagnant Belgian market.

We also find it important to offer solutions that can grow and evolve with our clients. For instance, a client can start with a basic shared hosting package and easily upscale to a managed server and then to a fully managed cluster. This is possible thanks to our automated hosting solutions and standardised technology stack, which also helps us guarantee consistency.

We are not limited to a classic LAMP stack; instead, we work with clients to determine what they need and to develop the ideal solution. This means no vendor lock-in. Amazon AWS may be the best solution one day, but that may change the next day. For this reason, we offer the possibility of switching to a different infrastructure at any time.