Managed servers

Has your website outgrown shared hosting? Are you a web agency looking for more efficiency or bigger margins on your hosting services? If so, we recommend having a look at our managed server solutions.

What do we do with managed servers?

Managed servers take hosting to the next level. With a managed server, you have one or more dedicated servers that are exclusively yours. This means that unlike shared hosting, you don't share server space with other parties.  


Level27 exclusively uses virtual servers, also known as a virtual private server (VPS) or a virtual dedicated server (VDS).

These virtual servers are launched on our own virtual infrastructure, in our data centres or in a public cloud environment such as Amazon AWS or Azure.

Each virtual server is installed, configured and managed by our control panel.

One or more websites

This model is based on the use of one or more servers to store dedicated applications.

It can be used for a single website that has outgrown shared hosting (e.g. webshops or apps with many visitors).

It can also be used as a shared hosting solution for agencies. In this case, payment is per server, not per website. Depending on the size and efficiency of your websites, you can choose to host all of them on these servers.

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Private or public cloud

Level27 is not dependent on a specific infrastructure. This service is about managing the servers, not about the infrastructure itself.

Our shared serves have one of three possible locations:

  • In the Level27 infrastructure at one of four Belgian data centres.
  • At a public cloud provider. We work closely with two of the most reputable providers: AWS and Azure. Low-cost alternatives are also possible.
  • On-site. In some cases, your location is the only option. We adapt to your needs and always guarantee the same high quality we are known for!

    Adapting to new technology

    As with everything in our company, our managed servers reflect our passion for technology. We steer clear of outdated software such as Plesk and cPanel and embrace innovative new technologies.

    We always ensure the highest level of stability. After all, you rely on our managed servers to ensure the uptime and availability of your applications. This is a responsibility we take very seriously!

    Use cases

    A managed server may be the ideal solution in the following situations:

    • A fast-growing Magento website
    • .NET websites
    • Drupal eCommerce sites with a search module
    • A dedicated website environment
    • A playground for websites under development

    Level27 ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified.

    Managed servers in a snap

    You can easily order a managed server in our control panel. Just log in or create a new account and set up your managed server!