Marc Portier of Westtoer is happy to explain why he opted for Level27!

What challenges did you face before choosing Level27?

Our annual costs were too high and we had more than 100 domains to manage, including TXT and CNAME records. We weren't happy with the management system or the multi-user experience of our previous partner. Their helpdesk was also slow and incompetent, in our opinion.

Did you have any questions or concerns about switching to Level27?

We knew there was something better and cheaper out there, but we were concerned about the transfer and the migration.

‘I chose Level27 for the friendly, no-nonsense approach, which translates to their transparent and no-nonsense price.’

Marc Portier

Why did you choose us?

The friendly, no-nonsense approach which translates to their transparent, no-nonsense price.

How has choosing Level27 benefited you so far?

DNS management as it should be! We rarely need the helpdesk, but when we do we get a quick, to-the-point answer.

Can you name two or three other benefits of working with us?

No problem is too big or too small to solve.

Would you recommend us to others? If so, why?

I recommend Level27 regularly. Why? Because it just works!

Questions or comments?

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