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Full time

Due to our continued growth, we are looking for an experienced devops engineer. At Level27, we believe in a no-nonsense approach, direct in-person conversation and an excellent customer experience.

A devops engineer is someone who can’t choose between development and operations. Perhaps you started out as a developer and then took an interest in everything that happens behind the scenes. Maybe you have an operations background and you’re tired of bouncing between ops and dev. Or perhaps you've been a die-hard devops engineer or full stack developer for years.

If any of these ring a bell, you may just be the perfect candidate for the job. Keep reading!

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What we do...

Level27 has three departments: Classic hosting, Tech projects en Enterprise IT. We're a little different than other hosting providers. Allow us to summarise:

  • We built our own platform for hosting management, which consists of a control panel, an API and an extensive configuration and orchestration system.
  • The Tech department works on impressive consultancy projects and develops new technologies for enthusiastic users. We make developers’ dreams come true!
  • Enterprise IT mainly carries out cloud transformation projects, migrating data to our own data centres or to the public cloud (AWS or Azure).

What you get to do...

You have the opportunity to work in an incredible environment with plenty of challenges:

  • You understand developers and can build a relationship with them, from our own in-house developers to those of our clients. You help them with their challenges and take their product to the next level.
  • JYou actively contribute to the continued development of our own platform. We have plenty of work for both developers and operations engineers!
  • You actively stay informed of the latest technologies.
  • You share your knowledge with colleagues and help them when needed.
  • You start and manage projects from A to Z. This could be a simple delivery or a more interesting challenge or long-term project.

What we expect from you...

Level27 wants to be better in terms of both hosting and employership. This means we expect something from you in return:

  • We expect you to have a positive attitude and a passion for technology. Do you love programming? Does the thought of working in a Linux terminal make you smile? Are you a Windows expert?
  • You're ambitious and eager to learn. You want to challenge yourself to get the most out of life.
  • You have a supportive nature and want to help colleagues and clients alike. Our goal is to help each other get ahead as best we can.
  • You’re not afraid of our office dog. He’s not a dangerous pit bull, but a friendly flat-coated retriever.


On a technical note...

We have a few general technical expectations:

  • You have in-depth knowledge of operating systems. We understand if you have a preference for either Windows or Linux.
  • You are familiar with a wide range of technologies and buzzwords (AWS, Chef, Ansible, Kubernetes, Vault, Azure, Docker, Terraform, LXC, Containers, CI/CD, EKS, ECS, SES, etc.). And, you independently seek out new knowledge without needing to be encouraged or supported.
  • You've experienced real successes and failures with cloud providers such as AWS and Azure.
  • You can work in a structured way and are capable of both self-management and project management.
  • You are sufficiently patient and willing to help colleagues and clients.

This position requires some work experience. If you don't have any previous work experience, don't worry: we’re also looking for Operations Engineers!

What we offer...

We offer you a challenging work environment based in the heart of Bilzen. As part of our team, you’ll have direct impact on the client relationship, you’ll be able to influence strategy and you’ll contribute to the future of a growing and innovative company.

You can also join our cool young team on fun summer activities such as barbecues and outings.

Do you have what it takes to be part of our team?

Download the application form today! Convince us of your skills and explain why you think you're a good fit for Level27. Tell us what you do and why this opportunity makes your professional heart skip a beat. See you soon!


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