Case Minsky

What challenges did you face before choosing Level27?

We were looking for a hosting partner with an emphasis on the word ‘partner’. Someone who could brainstorm with us about out-of-the-box set-ups and solutions.

Did you have any questions or concerns about switching to Level27?

Traffic peaks and new releases didn't always go as smoothly as we would have liked, so the hassle of migrating an entire server infrastructure made us second-guess the switch to a new partner. In the end, Level27 handled the migration perfectly. There were no unforeseen problems, there were no obstacles, and there was no downtime.

Why did you choose us?

Because of the personal and direct approach, the fast and professional support, and the clear expertise.

How did the project go?

You now host 58 of our websites, which I think says it all.

‘You now host 58 of our websites, which I think says it all.’

Matthias Oben

Questions or comments?

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