A Q&A with Paul Bellemans

Case Devatwork

Is there anything that would have prevented you from choosing Level27?

Maybe the fact that I'd never heard of Level27 before, but then I did a bit of research.

What convinced you to choose us?

Peter and Dieter’s arguments were the deciding factor. They told me that hosting adds value thanks to the clear, targeted and open communication paired with the high degree of accessibility and deployability.

How have our services helped you?

They've given us operational security and reliability. We feel a lot more confident now in how our services function and in being able to guarantee the functioning of our clients’ services.

What has been the most valuable aspect of this service?

The proactive approach and the continuous testing to rule out any potential problems. This gives us confidence and keeps things reliable.

Can you name three other advantages to Level27's approach?

The competence, the enthusiasm and the personal approach of the team.

Would you recommend our products or services to others?

Absolutely, I already do!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Stay true to yourself and guarantee a personal and targeted approach.

Questions or comments?

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