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Kurt Kellens has earned his stripes as a developer at various companies. He built a better website for Livios in ASP before making the transition to .NET at and, where he discovered Level27.
He has spent the past few months focusing on his own projects at
Kurt came to us for help with DataCross as well. Read his story below.

Why choose Level27 again?

We have been working with Kurt for Palindroom for a while now, to the satisfaction of all involved. But we had to wait and see whether he would choose Level27 for his own project. He wanted to outsource hosting his client's sites without having to invest a big chunk of his income in it. Shared hosting is one solution where you pay per website and share the server with other clients. While there's nothing wrong with this, some developers prefer their own environment.

‘Let me make one thing clear: when it comes to service, I wouldn't go anywhere else. In every other aspect, it's comparing apples to apples.’

Kurt Kellens

Business Owner

What is the solution?

We ultimately opted for a flexible commercial dedicated server for DataCross. Kurt now has his own server that can grow with his clients.

What he appreciates most about our service is that we brainstorm with him instead of adopting a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. This aligns perfectly with our vision. We see our clients as partners and work together to find the perfect solution.

What are the key benefits of Level27 according to DataCross?

Kurt mentions the drive to find a solution to both commercial and technical challenges. Problems would sometimes go unnoticed and unmentioned by previous providers, which would lead to frustrations. Everyone makes mistakes, which is why communication is so important to Kurt. He appreciates the proactive communication and the accessibility (without the dreaded hold music) of Level27. And perhaps best of all: the high-quality basic services.

Questions or comments?

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