Code d'Or

What are you looking for in a hosting partner?

Someone who can help us, who understands us and who speaks our language. Our ideal partner uses the same tools and chain we do. Finally, we want a partner who’s willing to brainstorm with us and who’s not afraid to think outside the box.

How do you feel about your collaboration with Level27?

It's safe to say that we work in very close collaboration. At the beginning of our partnership, we set the targets we wanted to achieve. Level27 always brainstorms with us and answers all of our questions.

How would you describe your communication with Level27?

Level27 is easily accessible, especially given that we can contact them through Slack. Our developers use Slack daily and its extremely efficient for them to be able to communicate with our hosting partner in the same way.

Questions or comments?

Feel free to contact us by chatbox, contact, Facebook, Instagram, phone , ...