Case Assurcard

AssurCard: a small company with big IT needs

Assurcard facilitates communication between insurance companies and hospitals. It ensures the smooth handling of hospital invoices covered by the patient’s insurance.

AssurCard’s IT environment can best be described as an SME with enterprise needs. While AssurCard may be small with a limited number of employees, it has a tremendous need for an experienced IT partner. AssurCard works for major insurance companies and bears a considerable responsibility given the confidentiality of the medical data it is privy to.

We provide application hosting and infrastructure for the internal IT environment at AssurCard. Our digital partner Tobania  (three agencies, 440 employees) provides additional support, such as managing workstations and registration or information kiosks in the hospitals.

We provide and maintain a high-tech platform for AssurCard to roll out its applications. Given the large number of end users that use these applications, uptime and security are top priorities in this project.

Our solution consists of a cluster of servers consisting of load balancers, web servers and database servers. This allows us to provide the highest quality service while maintaining full control over the project’s load.


Johan Daes (AssurCard CEO) explains why he chose Level27.

Is there anything that would have prevented you from choosing Level27?

The fact that I didn't know them yet.

What made you decide to work with Level27?

Level27 made an excellent technical and organisational impression during the first and subsequent meetings. They are also ISO27001 certified, which is extremely important to my shareholders in the financial sector.

What are the benefits so far?

It was a seamless transition to an entirely new infrastructure, which is more secure and more reliable.

‘Level27 is ISO27001 certified, which is extremely important to my shareholders in the financial sector.’

Johan Daes

CEO Assurcard

What do you appreciate most about the service?

I really appreciate the response times and the innovative solutions.

Can you name three other advantages?

  1. Excellent helpdesk availability
  2. Highly skilled technical staff
  3. Phenomenal understanding of the client’s perspective

Would you recommend Level27 to others?

Absolutely, without a doubt!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

If you're on the fence about hiring Level27, request a personal meeting to discuss your challenges and give them the opportunity to develop a custom solution for you.

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