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One year later we're still satisfied!

Case Ancienne Belgique

Ancienne Belgique ( is one of the biggest and most popular cultural institutions in the Flemish Community. As a non-profit organisation, AB organises concerts, festivals and music events, many of which at their own concert hall in the heart of Brussels and some on location. One example is the summer concert series Boterhammen in het Park in The Park of Brussels (Parc de Bruxelles).

We are proud to have served as AB's hosting partner since January 2016. Keep reading to find out how this partnership came about.

The challenge

Stability and uptime are always crucial, regardless of the situation. This is also the case for the AB website. AB needs a reliable website for everything it does, from sending newsletters to its 190,000 subscribers to managing ticket sales for an Oscar and the Wolf concert.

Bad experiences with previous hosting partners have caused AB to feel a little wary. One problem they encountered quite regularly was that their site would crash after sending out bulk email. After a series of hosting partners, all of whom blamed the website builder, AB had understandably had enough. ‘We wondered how a small Limburg hosting company could do any better,’ says Jotie Boone from AB.


The solution

Fortunately, we were able to come up with a solution. But to give credit where credit is due: we didn’t do it alone!

Before we started, we proposed a setup that was technically accurate. This is part of our basic service. The true key to success for any project, however, is good collaboration with the website builder. Together with website builder Inventis (, we researched everything in detail in order to identify potential bottlenecks before they turned into problems.

Did it work? Allow me to quote AB's online officer Jotie:

“Our hosting problems have disappeared since switching to Level27. We’re booking major bands without a hitch!’

Jotie Boone

Online Officer

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