Background info

Level27 and 3Sign started working together in September and it’s been a smooth collaboration from the start. The first project involved setting up a small VPS for a heavier website (www.skepp.be). After winning them over, they asked us to activate two additional VPSs for them. In short: the collaboration intensified. In early December, we agreed to launch an automatic deployment system with the aim of helping them speed up their deployment.

Four months in, we can say with confidence that 3Sign's initial scepticism has disappeared and that we have convinced them to entrust us with their whole environment. While the 3Sign team still has some questions (specifically: how much time and money the updates will need), Dries and Stijn are convinced that this will lead to a flawless partnership.

What challenges did 3Sign face in terms of web hosting?

Dries was disappointed in the impersonal approach of previous hosting partners. The company also wasted a lot of time and energy on incomplete or incorrect advice from the website hosts. As a result, they found it hard to trust future website hosts. (To illustrate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2F1rFmyQmY)

‘A lot of time and energy was wasted on incomplete or incorrect advice from the website hosts.’

Dries, 3Sign

What questions or concerns did they have?

Most hosts claim to prioritise quality and a personal approach,’ says Dries. Given their negative experiences with website hosts (read: hosts who didn't keep their promises), 3Sign wanted to be extremely cautious when choosing a new hosting partner. ‘We'd wasted so much money and time by switching hosting providers, we really didn't want to go through that again.’

Dries thought the information on our website was a little vague and found it hard to picture a partnership with Level27. Because of this, it was hard for him to bite the bullet – something we’ll definitely take to heart!

‘Most hosts claim to prioritise quality and take a personal approach.’

Dries, 3Sign

Why did they end up choosing Level27?

In the end, it was between you and Cloudstar. It was a hard decision, but I’d rather work with a company that has a clear vision and that goes for it 100%. What really appealed to me was the idea of two web agencies who shared the same underlying motto (we can do it better ourselves) working together

‘I’d rather work with a company that has a clear vision and that goes for it 100%.’

Dries, 3Sign

How did the project go?

Dries thought the project went well and appreciated our advice. He also felt like we really wanted to help him – a service not all web hosts will offer their clients.

What did they think of the results and what were the benefits?

We trusted your approach and your advice. I’m convinced that you're the place to be for expertise and customisation instead of cookie-cutter solutions.

What does 3Sign consider to be one of the biggest advantages of working with us?

The close contact and the fast response times,’ says Dries. At Level27, we use the online chatbot Slack intensively for faster and more efficient communication with our clients.

‘Close contact, fast response time.’

Dries, 3Sign

Would you recommend us to others?

Absolutely! In fact, I recommend you all the time,’ Dries states. We couldn’t be happier about that :)

Questions or comments?

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